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Welcome to my personal vCard page. There's not too much to say, just take a look at the projects I've participated in or contributed to.

I work in IT almost 22 years. I've seen a lot: a rise of Google and prosperity of Apple. I can tell a lot how I get killed my first Windows 3.11 and restored it on the second day. I still remember a sunset of SCO and falldown of Sun Microsystems. I worked a whole week over nights with Delphi 4 and then Delphi 5, I even can tell tales about Turbo Pascal and its TurboVision. I still remember my first look at Visual Studio 6.0 IDE, and its consequent progress with first version of Visual Studio .NET. I still remember the sound of floppy disk drive, and modem handshaking sound too. I'm a loyal user of FreeBSD over 20 years, and I remember the day I've built my own kernel for the very first time. I wrote my first JavaScript code for IE3.x

There's happened a lot during those 22 years, and I'm happy being a witness all of those happy and tough times.

In consequence, I'm able to write few different CVs describing my cereer in IT, allowing me to apply onto any role. But I've decided not to do, leaving everything behing and hope to have more ahead. Instead, I'm enjoing my experience as best investment in my life and I'm starting this page hoping someone could find it fun.

What I Do

iOS apps development

The thing I've always loved to do is to make the code operating on mobile phone. It's like a magic: you write a code, device performs it. Draws and presents, animates and communicates. Magic? Yes, a kind of magic

MacOS apps development

Some time I percieved MacOS as a some sort of FreeBSD. And it was for a long time: even man pages were referring to old-good FreeBSD man pages. I even spent some time comparing them line by line. But now MacOS goes in it's own way, and I like it too as well as develop something for MacOS

UX design

Do you ever had a feeling that some program does something well, but it can do better? I definitely had. I often can tell what to improve in the software by expressing my own feeling of UI/UX. Even more, there's only one program I wouldn't improve: FAR Manager. But this software is not about UX at all, if you know what I mean

UNIX admin

Long story short. We were always arguing with my devOps friends about some conceptual things about deploy and services. Any of us has own truth. And then I've been asked few times why I'm not a devOps engineer. - Because of I'm an UNIX admin




More than 20 Years of Experience, it's just a whole lifetime in IT...


Kryvyj Rih State Pedagogical University

Mathematics and Computer science

That was the best time ever. Everything was for the first time: first computers, first code, first job experience. And first love, of course, too



We had a lot of calculus, trigonometry and a bit of TurboPascal. Who does actually remember?


October, 2019 - Present time
AnchorFree/Pango/ - the group of companies

Senior iOS developer

I've began to work on very interesting project: VPN client. We're using a lof of cutting-edge technologies: RxSwift, RIBs, custom VPN protocol implementation as well well-known WireGuard/IPSec

March, 2017 - July, 2019
INTELITY, formerly known as KEYPR

Senior iOS developer

It was very serious experience with guest application for hospitality industry. Too serious. Then, it was Swift SDK for Mobile Key feature. Again, too serious

May, 2016 - February, 2017
Glomex GmbH

Senior iOS developer

Not too serious experience with Swift-written SDK for mobile player and integrated ads

December, 2013 - April, 2016
Viewster AG

iOS application developer

The most fun job ever! Viewster, I still love you. We've designed and implemented cool AVFoundation player, AppleTV app and a lot more. It's a pity it has gone

August, 2010 - December, 2013
Kuadriga Ltd

.NET and iOS application developer

I have only warn memories about .NET work, and trying to get into iPhone programming. I remember this AppyDays competion I won for Kuadriga. I've been twice the best employee

old-ages before August, 2010


I started in my native city from MG ISP, and they given me the understanding what UNIX is. Then I was stuck in a company of good people. Then I was hard-working for Arizona. It was a lot of work, a lot of life. I've learned a lot, but I've lost a lot. Just single word `experience`, which I can be proud of

Coding Skills

Objective C










Java, Kotlin




SHELL scripting


PHP and Perl





My Works

Apps for kids, education


My technical Diary

This section in under construction

Please, consider I'm not looking now for any new job


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Please, consider I'm not looking now for any new job

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